Paris Reborn Map

To accompany the reading of Paris Reborn, this annotated map shows the location of the streets, squares, parks and buildings created during the Second Empire transformation of Paris (1848-1870). Click on any item for more information or zoom for a better view. If you click through to the Google Maps page you can also scroll down the left to see the list of places.

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Publishers Weekly Interview

logo-transThis week Publishers Weekly publishes an interview with me in advance of the release of Paris Reborn on April 2.

The pieces discusses Paris and its history, Napoleon III, Georges-Eugène Haussmann, and some of the surprising aspects of the Second Empire rebuilding of the French capital recounted in Paris Reborn.

The Death and Life of Great French Cities: PW Talks with Stephane Kirkland is available on line, but the full piece is only accessible to Publishers Weekly subscribers.